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Sometimes the hardest part of landscaping is getting started. That’s where an experienced landscaping design company can help. The Bear Creek Landscapes & Design team has decades of experience in all aspects of soft scaping and hardscaping. Whether you’re looking for some new plants and shrubs or want to add a pool, patio and makeover your entire property, we are the landscaping design company to call.

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Our Process

Unlike some landscaping design companies who ask you what your budget is and then create a landscape design around your budget, we start with what you want. We’ll listen and ask questions. Once we have enough information, we can work on an estimate for your landscape design as you envision it. Every project is as unique as you are.

We like to remind people that the estimate is just a starting point. And, because our estimates are broken out into sections such as irrigation, lighting, hardscaping, trees and so on, it’s easy to know where you will be spending your money. If the estimate comes in a bit over budget, we can adjust. For example, smaller trees and shrubs or fewer of them can save money without compromising design. Or we can look at other brands, designs or layouts to fit into a budget. Of course, if there is still room in the budget, we can suggest other options to create an even more enjoyable space.

Landscape Design Elements to Consider

As a full-service landscaping design company, we offer more than just planting trees and shrubs. If you’re planning a property makeover, want to improve your homes curb appeal or something in between, we can help. Our teams have experience designing:

  • Outdoor living spaces including kitchens & built-grills
  • Pools & patios
  • Fireplaces & firepits
  • Irrigation systems
  • Dry creek beds, buried downspouts, channel or French drains for improved drainage

If you’re looking for help with your landscape design for your home or business, Bear Creek Landscapes & Design is the company to call. Reach us at (931) 840-0030 or (615) 913-7384 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Install Our Pool?

We are not a pool construction company. However, we will work with your pool company on a design that fits your backyard and incorporates all of the other elements you want in your new outdoor living space. This will help reduce costs while ensuring that you love the finished space.

Where Do You Purchase Your Trees & Shrubs From?

Our plants, trees & shrubs come from nurseries throughout the Southeast. Because we have multiple sources, we can usually find what you are looking for in the size you want so you don’t wait years for your landscaping to mature.

Can We Break Our Project Into Phases?

Yes! In fact, we do this regularly for homeowners who want to stick with a budget without compromising the scope of the project. Our estimates are designed so you can pick and choose what you would like to do when your budget allows.

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