Seed/Sod/Artificial Turf

As a local landscaping company, we offer seeding as well as sod or artificial turf (also called synthetic grass) installation alone or in conjunction with your landscaping project. Let us help you choose the best option for your home from various types of grasses to a variety of artificial turf. The team at Bear Creek Landscapes & Design works with home and business owners on new construction as well as established properties.

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Seed or Sod?

There are advantages to both seed and sod. Of course, seeding a yard is more inexpensive than a sod installation. However, new sod will cost more but provide immediate results. Both require frequent watering the first few weeks after installation. And, when you choose sod, your yard looks great from day one. Seed can take an entire season or two to fill in, so it may be two to three years after seeding to have a yard that looks the same as one where sod is laid.  

Why Consider Artificial Turf?

There are many great reasons to consider synthetic grass including:

  • Never needs watering
  • No pest or weed control required
  • It looks great for years
  • Very little maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for your putting green

At Bear Creek Landscapes & Design we have installed entire yards with artificial turf as well as smaller areas that don’t makes sense for grass, mulch or rock. However, many of our customers who choose synthetic grass do so for a backyard putting green. If you’re considering artificial turf for a portion or all of your property, we offer a wide variety of products and can help you understand the differences in those options.

Bear Creek Landscapes & Design is Ready to Help With Your Lawn Installation

Whether you choose a synthetic grass, seed or sod, let the Bear Creek team handle your needs. We will make the best recommendation based on what you’re hoping for regarding your lawn. Let us help you with all your landscaping needs for your home or business. Call us today at (931) 840-0030 or (615) 913-7384 or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our team members about your grass needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Seed & Sod Do You Recommend?

Because fescue grows well in both shade and sun in middle Tennessee, the vast majority of our seed and sod installation is fescue. However, we also install Bermuda grass sod and zoysia sod.

Will My Grass Turn Brown (go dormant) in the Winter?

That depends on the type of grass you choose. Zoysia and Bermuda grasses go dormant after the first frost. Fescue remains green throughout the winter.

Are There Regulations Regarding Turf?

Currently there are no laws prohibiting artificial turf in Tennessee. However, we do recommend you check your homeowner’s association rules & regulations before installation.

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