Dramatic Winter Damage

winter damage from freeze

Although we didn’t write this or record it, we think it has some excellent information. Although this past season didn’t cause as much dramatic winter damage, there were some very cold nights that damaged even hardy landscaping as seen in these images: And, recently, we did have several late frosts throughout the Nashville area. If […]

Now is the Time to Plan for Spring Color

planting bulbs in fall leads to spring flowers

Are you interested in seeing cheerful Daffodils (sometimes referred to as Buttercups or Jonquils) and colorful Tulips blooming in your lawn next spring?  With the cooler temperatures upon us and everyone getting ready to settle inside to stay warm and cozy throughout the winter, it is hard to think about future landscape designs.  But now […]

Oh, My Allergies!


We’ve heard this a lot in the past few weeks while performing annual aerating and reseeding. Everyone is sniffling and sneezing. There are a few possible culprits. This time of year there are multiple things contributing to what we refer to collectively as hay fever but it may not be what you think it is. […]