We’ve heard this a lot in the past few weeks while performing annual aerating and reseeding. Everyone is sniffling and sneezing. There are a few possible culprits. This time of year there are multiple things contributing to what we refer to collectively as hay fever but it may not be what you think it is.



There are over 100 flowering plants commonly referred to as Goldenrod. Although they are virtually all perennials and classified as wildflowers, they are also great when you want to add a golden flower to your landscaping. Many grow prolifically in open fields during the fall while others grow in lesser abundance, providing bright spots in wooded areas. Because it stands out, many people blame those beautiful yellow blossoms. However, goldenrod has heavy sticky pollen that is transported by insects not wind. So, if you are sneezing or have itchy eyes, it’s likely not because of goldenrod (unless you touched the bloom itself).

If you want a beautiful fall flower arrangement consider a fall wildflower bouquet. Include one of the many varieties of goldenrod as well as ironweed, boneset and yellow wingstem. They are naturally complementary to one another and would bring cheer to anyone’s day.


ragweed blooms about the same time we begin annual aerating and reseeding

Ragweed, whose inconspicuous blooms appear at the same time as Goldenrod blooms, has airborne pollen. It is often the culprit of many hay fever attacks. Ragweed blooms are similar in appearance to goldenrod but tend to be of green or green-yellow hues rather than the golden and bright yellows of goldenrod. If you notice ragweed on your property, it’s best to pull the weed. Annual aerating and reseeding can help reduce it as healthy grass will choke it out.

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do other than remain indoors if you’re trying to avoid ragweed. However, a few recommendations to help reduce your suffering include:

You may also want to have your landscaping company perform annual aerating and reseeding your lawn this fall. That won’t necessarily help you this year, but it can help next year.

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